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As we step into 2021, we at Saving Destinies face a challenge and we need your help.

Our base camp facility needs expansion and repair. 

Established in 2006, our multipurpose 4700 sq. foot facility has been a vibrant part of the community. People throughout Union City and metro Atlanta GA gathered at our building to celebrate, make memories and receive training.

Our halls once bustled with the traffic of community festivals, concerts, job fairs, conferences, trainings, classes, celebrations and civic meetings. 

Trainings were offered there for adult and youth alike in film and audio production, photography, etiquette, life skills, tutoring, modeling, and wellness classes. 

Our halls are now empty. 

At a time when people need community engagement more than ever, our services are not reaching them. 

Not because we are non-essential, but because our headquarters need repair.

The foundation of our flooring has shifted and is sinking. The roofing needs repair. The landscaping needs an overhaul. Several wooden planks need replacing and the building’s exterior needs a facelift. 

All people have undoubtedly been affected by 2020.  However, there are underserved communities and ethnic groups who’ve taken harder hits due to the disparity of resources.

The African American, Indigenous American and Hispanic and Latino American rates of incarceration, COVID-19 mortality rates, and the proportional numbers of deaths at the hands of police reveal numbers that demand attention, advocacy and action.

The youth of Union City are a part of this population. They are crying out louder than before. At Saving Destinies we not only hear them in the womb at the abortion clinics, we hear them now. 

We hear them walking the streets during school hours with no school buildings to report to. We hear them sleeping in on Sundays when they once attended church services. The church doors are now closed. We hear them seeking gang approval where mentorship programs such as ours once helped fill those voids. 

For our Saving Destinies family, these are not sterile facts, but names and faces that we’ve walked with, families that we’ve assisted and legacies that we’ve been privileged to help secure. 

Some of our mentees have died violently only minutes away from our building. Others have graduated within the same radius. Unfortunately, the numbers of those we’re losing are outweighing the wins. We may not rescue every child, but we must have lifelines to throw out to as many as possible. 

Our base camp is one such life line. Now more than ever, our services are essential.

Help us reopen our doors and expand our reach. Let's make it a hub for business incubators,  shared 
workspaces, conferences, training and community growth again.

Any amount that you can donate will go to the refurbishing efforts in its entirety. Your support means the world to us and to the community crying out.

To donate please send check or money order to:

6502 Gresham Street Union City, Ga 30291

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